Interactive video installation
by Jean-Jacques Birgé and Nicolas Clauss

Created at Festival Nemo, Espace Paul Ricard, Paris, April 2006


Three doors without locks.
To see, one must play with them while staying on the threshold.
Beyond, moving images are filing by: flesh, bodies becoming spots, flow, momentary music. Choir from beyond the Earth, mechanical rhythms, sharp matter compose the three-voice orchestra of a literary world.
Tale or fable, one could find Bosch, in the shadows, spying on Dante. Souls, or maybe fools, transform us into active visitors, "actors".
One is made to devour, one lets oneself be carried off or awakened: large mouths and rolling eyes, grinding teeth; small mysterious men strangely or bizarrely come out of nowhere; and even naked bodies march past and touch each other, then hell...

Nicolas Clauss
art conception, libretto, camera, programming
Jean-Jacques Birgé
music, libretto, camera, executive production

with Pascale Labbé et Baco (vocals), Amal Bou Achem, Stéphane Amar, Denis Andrey, Jean-Jacques Birgé, Sara Boisson, Nathalie Caclard, Émilie Chéron, Nicolas Clauss, Karine Delhommeau, Guy Dreux, Olivier Falkowski, Pascal Falkowski, David Fenech, Bertrand Guyon, Jean-Luc Lamarque, Frédéric Lebas, Roberto Poma, Sophie-Laure Raphaël, Charlotte Ricordeau, Françoise Romand, Didier Silhol, Donghee Tan, Jennifer Tan
and participation of Antoine Schmitt (additional programming), Matthieu Moreau (scenery builder) at Mille Plateaux, Interface Z (sensors)

Coproduction A.P.R.E. / ARCADI - Région Ile de France / with the help of Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (Dicréam), SCAM (digital art grant), SACEM and Le Cube in Issy-les-Moulineaux
© A.P.R.E. 2006

Translation : JJB & Jonathan Buchsbaum
Filmed by 24 images
Editing by Françoise Romand
Photo-montage by Nicolas Clauss
Picture of the installation © Damien Garot

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